Best Places in Udaipur to Visit | Tourist Attractions in Udaipur

Udaipur is a stunning city in Rajasthan, known for its artificial and natural lakes, palaces, and other tourist attractions that are a source of pride for the region.

The greatest way for tourists to see Udaipur is to participate in local activities like hiking, paragliding, zip-lining, helicopter rides, and specifically leased bicycles.

The most popular tourist destination in Rajasthan is Udaipur, which has many beautiful places to visit and where you can make your trip to Udaipur one to remember.

Due of Udaipur’s splendour, it also goes by several other titles. Due to the numerous lakes in Udaipur, it is also known as the “city of lakes” and “the Venice of the East.”

There are well-known religious sites in Udaipur, such as Jagdish Temple and Karni Mata, where you can practise devotion. The temple is a well-known one in this area. The ropeway is available at Karni Mata Temple. So tell us about the well-known Udaipur attractions that you really must see while there.

City Palace

Known as the most famous palace of Udaipur, this palace is also known as the Royal Palace. An entry ticket of ₹ 30 is also required to be taken to enter the City Palace. Inside the City Palace, you will find a museum, whose entrance fee is ₹ 300 per person. In this museum, you will find many different structures and shapes of weapons and costumes used in ancient times, which you may not find anywhere else, so after visiting the City Palace, you can visit this museum. Make sure to conquer it too.

Inside the City Palace, you will get to see 11 palaces, restaurants and many other things, which you can see and know well. If you visit almost everything in the City Palace well, then it may take you 3-4 or even 5 hours to visit this palace.

Jagdish Temple

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu incarnated Jagannath Swamiji, this temple is located in the City Palace itself. As soon as you enter the City Palace, you will get to see this temple there. While going to the City Palace or returning, you must visit this temple and visit it.

Amba Mata Temple

This temple of Amba Mataji, situated within a radius of just 1 km from the City Palace, was built by a king named Raja Singh of Rajasthan. Due to being made of white marble, this temple of Amba Mataji seems to be quite the best.

Lake Pichola

Boating facilities have been made available in Lake Pichola. If you are fond of boating, then you can fulfill your hobby in Lake Pichola. For boating in Lake Pichola from 10 am to 2 pm, a ticket of ₹ 500 is given, but if you do boating in Lake Pichola after 2 pm, then you will get a ticket of ₹ 800 for boating at that time. Because during sunset, due to the excellent view of Lake Pichola and its surroundings, the boating fare is also increased.

Jag Mandir

Located like an island in Lake Pichola, Jag Mandir is a very famous palace of Udaipur. If you go boating in Lake Pichola, then you will be taken to Jag Mandir through boat. Let us tell you that Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon was also married in this Jag Mandir. To know more about Jag Mandir click on the link given below.

Karni Mata Temple

The name of Karni Mata Temple, located at a very short distance from the City Palace, is also quite famous. Since this temple of Mataji is situated on the Aravalli mountain, you will have to trek for about 15-20 minutes to visit this temple from Karni Mataji. If you do not want to trek, you can also reach Mata’s temple by ropeway and visit her. One can get a great view of the entire Udaipur city along with the Aravalli Mountains while going to Karni Mata Temple via ropeway.

Fateh Sagar Lake

Boating is also done at Fateh Sagar Lake, just as Lake Pichola. Similar to how boaters in Lake Pichola were led to Jag Mandir, boaters in Fateh Sagar Lake would be taken to three artificially constructed tiny islands. You can visit Nehru Park and a small zoo. You can view the public park on the second island, and the third island is where you can watch the sunset. Due to the third island being a sunset observation point, there is a beautiful view of Udaipur city and Aravalli Mountains from there during the time of sunset.

Sajjangarh Palace

This palace was built by Raja Sajjan Singh to enjoy the view of Udaipur city and Aravalli ranges during monsoon. There is no doubt that the view of the Aravalli Mountains and the entire Udaipur City is excellent from this palace, especially during the monsoons. This palace is also called Monsoon Palace because of the view around it during monsoon.

Sajjangarh Biological Park

Situated at a distance from the Sajjangarh Palace, this wildlife sanctuary is spread over a large area. Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary , you must keep in mind that this wildlife sanctuary is closed on Tuesdays. To get more information about Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary, you must click on the link given below.

Bagore Ki Haveli

A ticket of ₹ 90 has to be taken to go to Bagore ki Haveli. There is also a museum inside Bagore ki Haveli, in which many old weapons, etc., along with other things have been kept. To visit this museum, you will have to take a separate ticket of ₹ 50. There is also a Rajasthani dance from 7 pm to 8 pm in Bagore ki Haveli, which is very crowded to see. If you want to see this dance, then you enter this mansion before 6 o’clock. By doing this you can sit in the front seat and avoid the crowd of people watching this dance.

Saheliyo Ki Bari

Just 1 km from Fateh Sagar Lake. Situated at a distance of 2 km, this Saheliyon ki Bari was built by Raja Udai Singh for his queens. You also have to take a ticket of ₹ 10 to go to Saheliyon ki Bari. Saheliyon Ki Bari is famous for the purpose of photo shoots.

Lake Palace Udaipur

Lake Palace is a major tourist destination in the city of Udaipur. The Lake Palace is situated in the middle of Lake Pichola. This palace is very beautiful. This palace was built by Maharana Jagatsingh II in 1754 AD. This palace was converted into a five star hotel in 1950. Since then this beautiful palace is functioning as a hotel. Lake Palace is also known as Jal Mahal. To reach the Lake Palace, you have to come to this palace by boat or by boat. This palace is very beautiful. Rajasthani welcome is done to the tourists staying in this palace. Here tourists are given royal treatment, so that the experience of staying here remains a lifetime experience. The food here is also very good. This veg, non veg both are available and the view from here is also very spectacular. If you have budget, you can stay here.

Shri Manshapurna Karni Mata Temple

Temple is a famous temple in Udaipur city. This temple is dedicated to Karni Mata. This temple is built on a high hill in Udaipur. Stairs and ropeway facilities are available to reach this temple. From the top of this temple you get to see a very beautiful view of Udaipur city. The temple of Karni Mata is also very beautiful and one can see beautiful carvings on the walls and pillars of the temple. This entire temple is made of marble. An attractive statue of Karni Mata is found in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Udaipur. Here at night, the view of Udaipur city is even better, because during the night the whole city is lit with lights, which gives a different view to see. You will also get to see a beautiful view of sunrise and sunset here. 

Ahad Museum Udaipur

is a major tourist destination in the city of Udaipur. The remains of the oldest village of Udaipur are to be seen in the Ahad Museum. Materials obtained from excavation, such as utensils, copper tools, many miniature paintings, sculptures, swords, guns and other weapons are displayed in this museum. A lot of information is also available about Gandhiji here and you will get to see many of his photos here. Here you can see many things like ancient sculptures, toys, garlands, paintings. If you are curious to know about history, then you can come to visit this museum. This is a must visit place in Udaipur. 

Shahi Chhatris Udaipur

is one of the main tourist places of Udaipur city. Shahi Chhatris is located in Udaipur near Ahad Museum. This place is also known as Maha Satya ji. Here you get to see many umbrellas, some of these umbrellas are big, and some umbrellas are small. These chhatris are the tombs of the people of the royal family. Here the umbrella of Maharaja Amar Singh I can also be seen, whose foundation was laid in 1620. The Chhatri of Maharaja Amar Singh is the oldest at this site. 

This umbrella is a unique example of architectural art, excellent excavation. There is a huge umbrella of Maharana Amar Singh II and Maharana Jagatsingh. There are umbrellas of Maharana Karan Singh, Maharana Jagat Singh, Maharana Bhim Singh, Maharana Jawan Singh, Maharana Swaroop Singh, Maharana Shambhu Singh and Maharana Sajjan Singh. The construction of all these umbrellas at the same site reflects the social customs and culture of the royal family. There are 371 umbrellas including small and big umbrellas. There is also a pool to see, which is very beautiful. 

Shri Neemuch Mata Mandir

is a major temple of Udaipur city. It is a religious place. This temple is situated on a high hill near Fateh Sagar Lake. The way to reach this temple is by stairs. Here you can easily reach the temple by stairs. There is a very beautiful view from the temple all around. The view of Fatehsagar Lake here is very picturesque. This temple is dedicated to Neemuch Mata. Neemuch Mata was the goddess of the royal family here. The idol of Ganesh ji is also available here to see. It feels great to be here. You can come here for a walk during sunrise and sunset. Here you can get a beautiful view of sunrise and sunset. 

Jaisamand Lake

Jaisamand Lake is a tourist destination in the city of Udaipur. This lake is surrounded by hills on all sides. This lake was built by Raja Jai Singh of Udaipur. This lake was constructed in 1680. This lake is also known as Dhebar Lake. There are many islands in this lake. It feels great to be here. This lake is one of the second largest lakes in India. 

Here you get to see a beautiful view. This lake is spread over a very large area. You can also go boating here. There is a garden here and here you also get to see the temple, which is known as Narvadeshwar temple. Beautiful sculptures of elephants are found on the banks of the lake. 

Shri Ekling Ji Prabhu Temple

is a major religious place of Udaipur city. This temple is ancient. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In the sanctum sanctorum of this temple, the Shivling of Lord Shiva is found to be seen. This temple was built by the kings of Mewar. This temple is about 25 km from Udaipur. You can easily reach this temple by your own vehicle or by public transport. Very beautiful carvings can be seen in the walls of the temple. There is also a pond near the temple, which you can see. The atmosphere around here is very beautiful. One gets positive energy by coming here. 

Gulab Bagh and Zoo

is one of the main tourist places in Udaipur city. This garden is also known as Udaipur Zoo. Many wild animals are also found in this garden. This garden is located in Bapu Bazar Road. It takes up 100 acres to contain this garden. You can see various tree and plant species here. You get to see the children’s train in Gulab Bagh. Apart from children, adults can also enjoy the ride in this train. Children enjoy it a lot. There are different types of roses to be seen in the rose garden. Here you get to see roses of different colors, which look very attractive. Here you also get to see the Gulabeshwar Mahadev Temple. You must come here to visit. 

Navlakha Mahal

Navlakha Mahal is a beautiful palace located inside Gulab Bagh. This palace is also known as Arya Samaj Mandir. Maharaj Dayanand Saraswati had visited this palace. This palace is very beautiful. Here you get to see a collection of many items, which is informative. You can come here to visit. 

Vintage & Classical Car Museum

Vintage and Classical Car Museum is one of the major tourist attractions in Udaipur. Here you get to see many used cars and you will also get information about those cars. Apart from cars, there are many other means of transport to be seen here, which were used in olden times. Here you will also get to see the buggy. There is a fee for entry here. The entrance fee here is a bit high. If you are interested in old cars, then you can come and roam here. 

Bagore Ki Haveli

is one of the main tourist places in Udaipur city. Bagore ki Haveli is situated near Gangaur Ghat of Lake Pichola. Bagore ki Haveli has now been converted into a museum and has a large collection of antiquities to see. It is an ancient monument. This monument was built in the 18th century by the Prime Minister of Mewar, Amarchand Badwa. In this museum you get to see a collection of many items. Information about the famous kings of Rajasthan is also given here and you get to see their sculptures here. Here you get to see a lot of things related to Raja Rani. Ancient weapons, old clothes, turbans, chess made of wood, paintings, clothes, hookah, are found to be seen. There are toys to be found here. Puppets get to see. 

In Bagore ki Haveli you get to enjoy Rajasthani dance and music which is very nice and you will love it. Rajasthani dance takes place between 7:00 to 8:00 in the evening. Here at night, Bagore ki Haveli is lit up with lights. Entry fee is charged for entry here, which is very less. You can come here to visit. This is a must visit place in Udaipur. 

Gangaur Ghat

is a major tourist destination of Udaipur. This is a beautiful pier. You can come to visit this ghat. Here one gets to see a very beautiful view of Lake Pichola. There are many shops here, from where you can take the goods if you want. Pigeons are also found here to be seen. You can feed them. Pre wedding shoots can be done here. Here the structure of the ancient palace can be seen, which looks very attractive. This is one of the main places to visit in Udaipur. 

Ambrai Ghat

is one of the main tourist places of Udaipur city. This is a beautiful pier. The Lake Pichola shoreline is where this ghat is located. A very beautiful view of Lake Pichola is available from Amrai Ghat. There is also Ambrai restaurant here, from where you will get many things to eat. One gets to see a very beautiful view of the City Palace from Ambrai Ghat. You can come and visit here. There is a very beautiful view to see here even at night. 

Doodh Talai Lake Udaipur

is a beautiful place in Udaipur. It is a small lake. This lake is situated near Lake Pichola. There are gardens all around here and beautiful monuments are found on the banks of the lake, which look very beautiful. This lake is situated in the middle of Udaipur. Come here to take a leisurely stroll.

Shri Padmanabha Swami Jain Tirtha

Shri Padmanabha Swami Jain Temple is a religious place in Udaipur. This is a Jain religious place. Here the 6 feet high statue of Lord Padmanabha is found to be seen. This statue is made of white marble. The entire statue is made of a single stone. This statue looks very beautiful. Rooms are available to stay in this temple. Only Jain people can stay here. Bhojshala is also available here, where good food is available. You can come to visit this temple. 

Shree Jagdish Mandir

is a major religious place in the city. This temple is situated in the heart of Udaipur city. This temple is very huge and artistic temple. This temple was built by Maharana Jagatsingh I of Udaipur in the year 1652 AD. This temple is built in Nagara style. In this temple you get to see the Shikhar, Garbha Griha and Sabha Mandap. In the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, an attractive statue of Shri Krishna is found to be seen. Very beautiful carvings are to be seen in the walls of this temple. Small temples of Sun God, Shiva, Ganesh ji are built on the four corners of this temple. You can come to visit this temple. If you come to Udaipur, then definitely come to visit this temple. This is a wonderful piece of art. 

Veer Bhawan Museum

is one of the major tourist places in Udaipur city. You get to see many antiquities and events in this museum. In this museum you get to see 22 big pictures on Mewar history. A model of the panoramic view of Chittorgarh is available to see. The model of the Haldighati battle ground is available to see. The Kumbhalgarh model is available to see. The pictures of the heroes of the Haldighati war are found to be seen. All these things are very informative. Here the holy soil of Haldighati is found to be seen. Various types of weapons are found here. Come here and whatever information you have here. It would be great to get that. It is one of the places to visit in Udaipur. 

Sajjangarh Biological Park

Sajjangarh Biological Park is a major tourist destination of Udaipur. There are many wild animals to see in the Sajjan Garh Biological Park. Here langur, macaw, black deer, chinkara, sambar, chausingha, chital, bear, Himalayan black bear, tiger, African lion, Asiatic lion, leopard, hyena, fox, turtle, crocodile, alligator, wild cat. All these animals are found to be seen here. 

There is a ticket for admission to Sajjangarh Biological Park. Here the Indian person charges Rs 60 and the foreign person Rs 300. Vehicles are also charged separately here. 30 for a two wheeler and Rs 200 for a four wheeler. Here you get a parking spot. Cafeteria is also available and there is also a shop from where you can pick up any item to take home. 

Famous Foods in Udaipur

If you are planning a trip to Udaipur, then you must surely be thinking of the popular cuisines there. Anyway, the journey is incomplete without delicious dishes.

By the way, talk about Udaipur, it is one of the most prominent tourist cities of Rajasthan. It is visited by lakhs of tourists every year, due to which Udaipur includes popular cuisines from all over India including the traditional cuisines of Rajasthan.

You can enjoy sour, sweet and spicy delicacies in every restaurant and stall here. So let’s know about some popular dishes of Udaipur.

Paan By

the way, Banaras is quite famous for Paan. But you can also enjoy Banaras paan in Udaipur. There is a shop here for 50 years, whose name is Bansi.

This shop is famous for its exquisite and varied variety of paan. The taste of betel leaves stuffed with gulkand, fennel, dates and safari will make your trip even more enjoyable.

Mini Mirchi Bada

Bada Pav. It is one of the popular street food all over India. However the standard in Udaipur is street food by Balaji Karkar, which is famous for its exquisitely delicious and spicy Mini Mirchi Bada Pav since 1967.

Tourists traveling to Udaipur have a long queue here. This small shop is busy from 6:30 in the evening to 10:00 in the night. Tourists get addicted by eating big chilies found in this shop.

This shop has a unique way of making mirchi bada, a style that no one else can imitate. Trust me you will always remember the taste of this dish.

Banjara Murg

Apart from vegetarian dishes, you will also get to see non-vegetarian dishes inThis Banjara Murgh is made by cooking chicken on low flame with a variety of spices.


Kachori is famous in cities all over India. But the Kachori of Udaipur is something else. Here Kachori is famous in every city. The taste of Spicy Crunchy Kachori attracts everyone towards it.

It is served with chutney by stuffing a variety of lentils and spices, adding onions, curd and much more. Kachori is very prominent in the street food of Udaipur.


Most people start their mornings with tea. Sipping tea also refreshes the mood of the person and makes him feel fresh. At the same time, all the fatigue also goes away.

If you are a tea drinker then you will find many tea stalls in Udaipur, which make their own amazing style of tea and serve it in earthen kulhads, which you will love to taste. Along with this, you can also include some snacks with tea here.

When to visit Udaipur?

If you are planning to visit Udaipur, then the best time to visit Udaipur would be from October-November to March-April. Because during this time it is mildly cold here and as you know that due to being a desert area, it is very hot here.

The temperature here rises to around 50 degree Celsius during the summer season. In such a situation, traveling here in the summer season cannot be enjoyed. So you can plan a trip here during the winter season. However, during this time, definitely keep a sweater or jacket with you because it is mildly cold here.

Where to stay in Udaipur?

You will find more than one hotel and resort to stay in Udaipur. You can also book online rooms by searching online about those hotels and resorts. There you will find hotels ranging from low to high rates with best facilities.

How to visit Udaipur?

There are many tourist places in Udaipur, which are very far away which you cannot visit on foot. To visit all those tourist places, you will have to rent a bike or car.

Many such shops will be found outside Udaipur bus stand or railway station, which give vehicles on rent to tourists. There you will get a bike or scooty for a very low rent. If you go with your family, you can also rent a car. You will also have to submit certain documents to rent any vehicle.

How to reach Udaipur?

Tourists can choose between air, road and railway routes to travel to Udaipur. There is also a railway station, an airport, as well as buses that come here from different states. You can choose a train to travel to Udaipur.

Udaipur being a major city of Rajasthan is well connected by railway route to various major cities of India, so you will get train to Udaipur from any major city of India like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi etc.

You can also take a bus ride to reach Udaipur. Explain that Udaipur is connected by road network to various cities of India. One can travel to Udaipur via AC coach, deluxe bus or state-run buses to travel to Udaipur.

If you want to reach Udaipur early then you can also opt for the air route. Let us tell that the nearest airport is Maharana Pratap Airport located at a distance of about 24 kilometers from the main city in Udaipur, which is connected by air to various major cities of India like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur etc. You will easily get flights to Jaipur from all these cities.

Best Time To Visit Udaipur

Friends, you also know that Rajasthan gets very hot, so if you want to visit Udaipur, then winter will be the best time for you to visit Udaipur, because at this time the weather of Rajasthan is very good. lives. If you are planning to visit Udaipur along with getting relief from the heat of Rajasthan, then you can visit Udaipur from October to February or March and enjoy.

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