Best 20 Places to visit in Manali

in Himachal Pradesh, Shimla Hill Station , located at a distance of 235 km from Manali one of the most popular tourist places in India, which falls in Kullu district. Manali is as beautiful as it is its journey.

As soon as Manali is mentioned, a picture is created in the heart and mind where there is a mountain covered with snow, there is a river Beas flowing through the rocks with a strong stream and there is a heart-touching river.

In fact, the view of Manali is similar to that depicted in films and photos, that’s why every human Manali must

Places to visit in Manali

famous for its hill station, waterfalls, rivers and snow fall in winter, as well as apple cultivation, due to which the center of attraction of the styles of the country and abroad. Is .

There are many options for nature lovers to visit Manali, out of which mountain trekking, adventure, rafting, religious places and snow fall for which the world is famous.

Let us know the tourist places of Manali –

Rohtang Pass

located 61 km from Manali, connects Kullu district and Lahul and Spiti district, when the whole of India is scorching from summer, at that time it is 6 feet high. Snow can be seen.

This is what makes Rohtang Pass different among the top tourist attractions of Manali.

While going to this heavenly place of Manali, along with the beauty of lush green high mountains, the drive of Rohtang Pass is kept at the top of India,

if you are also Manali trip planning aAnd you should have a full day’s time to roam here, only then you will be able to enjoy the sports done in the snow.

Solang Valley

is one of the most popular tourist place of Manali solang vaily , for this reason this place is called the heart of Manali,

which is about 14 kilometers away from the city of Manali, it has snow fall in winter and green in summer. Filled with natural environment, which makes you mesmerizing to see at once, there is such a view of Solang Valley.

In Solang Valley, you can indulge in many adventure activities such as –

  • paragliding
  • zorbing,
  • skiing
  • snow sports
  • etc.

Parvati Valley

is looking for a little relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then you must visit this natural place in this valley. Known for its beauty in the environment in the presence of nature.

here Camping and trekking , if you want, you can stay in the cottages built in the middle of the beautiful plains of Manali, which will give a different experience.

While camping for a day, you can go to the next place of Manali, here you will get to do many different adventures like river rafting, paragliding, hot air, zipline and many more.

Paragliding Manali

In Manali Trip, you can not forget to do paragliding, for this you can go for paragliding in Solang Valley and Dobhi, but in Dobhi’s paragliding, good views are seen, its charge is about 2 thousand.

Hot Air Balloon manali

Air Balloon Ride If you want to do, then this ride is 5 kilometers away from Manali, which can be taken away, which is a ride of about 7 minutes, which stays up for a while and then comes back down.

Its charge is determined on the basis of time.

River Rafting In manali

On the Manikaran route from Manali, do not miss to enjoy rafting in the Beas river at all. There is a ride of 1 to three kilometers here, which has different charges, the charge of 1 kilometer ride is minimum Rs. 1000. it happens .

If you want to get photography done during that ride, then 1 thousand have to be given separately.

While going river rafting, keep a separate dress with you because the clothes already worn will get completely wet.

Hidimamba Devi Temple

Located in Manali, this temple is the main attraction of tourists, where along with Goddess Darshan, one can take the experience of roaming in the deodar forests.

This temple is described in Hindu mythology.

Hidimba Devi is worshiped here in the Kali form of Mother Durga. The temple of Hidimba Devi is only in selected places of India, hence it is one of the famous philosophical places in Manali.

Atal Tunnel

Situated 3 km away from Manali, the specialty of this tunnel is that it is the longest tunnel in the world, which is built at a height of more than 10 thousand above sea level, which works to connect Kullu and Lahaul district.

The length of this tunnel is around 9 kilometers, this tunnel is a living proof of Indian engineering, which is playing Indian engineering around the world.

Crossing it is a wonderful experience in itself. When you go to visit Manali, then go while traveling through this tunnel.

Anjani Mahadev Temple

Situated in the Solang Valley of Manali, this temple is a Hindu religious place dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is on the trekking path of some distance.

Most of the tourists coming to Manali miss to explore this famous place, but if you are going to solang valley, then there is Anjani Mahadev temple at a short distance from where you can visit once.

What makes this temple even more special is a magnificent waterfall of nature falling over the Shiva statue, definitely include it in your list because here you will be able to experience the waterfall along with the temple.

Sethan village

is situated at a distance of about 14 kms from Manali.

If you also want to experience the snow fall, then Sethan village can be the perfect destination for you and along with it you can enjoy adventure activities like

  • snow sliding
  • skiing,
  • snow biking
  • air slide

Barod parsha watrefall

Every full vatavaram around the waterfall makes it even more special which impresses the visiting tourists a lot.

The car you are traveling by to reach this place will easily reach you here.

club house

Hidimba Devi Temple is located near the club house, where you can enter by taking a ticket of few rupees

. There is also the option of shopping and can enjoy food and activities together

Manikaran Gurudwara

Thousands of devotees come daily to visit this gurudwara, here every day langar is also run

, one of the special things in Mamanikaran Gurudwara is that it is here. Hot water which is natural, just think it is very wonderful to have so much hot water in such a cold place.

The panoramic view of the river Beas flowing from the side of the gurdwara will be spectacular from here, along with high mountains and waterfalls make this place

reach here, after parking the car in the road, you can go up to the climbing path by walking, horse riding or riding a yag.

If you want to visit Manali, you must definitely visit this place.

Snow Valley Fun City

Manali Trip If you are with family and also have kids then you must go here because it is specially made for kids, here there is activity for them which they will like very much.

Vaishno Devi Temple

One of the most popular temples of Kullu Manali is Vaishnodevi Maa Temple, which is situated on top of the hills.

People who are fond of photography must visit this temple because the view point from there looks quite spectacular.

Malana village

, 45 km from Kullu city, this village is an ancient village of India, here people of hill culture and completely different civilization reside, about whom it is said that these people are the brothers of Sikandar Sena.

If you have a desire to see the living conditions of the hill people, then you can go while trekking.

Bhrigu Lake

A stunning lake near Manali Bhrigu Lake should be on your list if you want to experience an adrenaline rush like no other. The path to the lake passes through beautiful meadows that will touch your heart. Imagine trekking along a challenging path where you can have a beautiful view Chalet Windflower and The Highland are two places to stay here. Hamta Pass and Kareri Lake are two popular tourist destinations. You can use your private vehicle or taxi to reach here.

Jogini Waterfalls

is one of the Manali tourist attractions that offers some of the best trekking paths and scenic beauty. It is about 5 kms from Manali and you have to climb uphill to reach the waterfall. Because it is located in a secluded area, very few people come to this area, which makes the surrounding environment peaceful. It is also said to be sacred to the natives. There are many ancient temples near Jogini Falls. If you are looking for a peaceful place then this is one of the top tourist places in Manali.

Manali Gompa

If you want to be filled with spiritual bliss then Manali Gompa is the place to go. This Buddhist monastery, also known as Gadhan Thekchokling Gompa, was founded in 1960 by Tibetan exiles. This Buddhist temple is a famous tourist destination in Manali due to its stunning architecture which includes a pagoda style yellow ceiling and magnificent frescoes depicting Buddhist teachings. Booths on site sell one-of-a-kind Tibetan handicrafts and carpets as souvenirs.

Vashishtha Hot Water Tank and Temple

It is close to the Beas River and at a short distance from Rohtang Pass. This is also a village and in April there is a crowd of tourists. The two major attractions at this place are hot water tanks and two temples. Vashistha Muni is worshiped in one temple while Lord Rama is worshiped in the other. People here think that bathing in hot springs has medicinal properties.

Manu Mandir

Situated at a distance of about 3 km from the famous Mall Road of Manali, the famous Manu Temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. The temple is dedicated to Lord Manu and provides a sense of peace to the visitors as it is one of the top tourist attractions in Manali. It is one of the most popular attractions of Manali that attracts both religious tourists and foreign visitors.

Nehru Kund

This is a natural spring located just outside Manali on the Manali-Leh road. It was named after the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who frequently visited it during his time in Manali. Nehru Kund is believed to have originated from the Bhrigu lake and people consider it auspicious. Nehru Kund, one of the must-see places in Manali, attracts a large number of visitors. Sip the crystal clear water from the pool and enjoy the peace around it. The views that can be enjoyed from here due to its location is another reason why it is one of the top places to visit in Manali.


is a place in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh where two different deities co-exist which makes it a popular tourist attraction. Manikaran is a Hindu and Sikh pilgrimage site that exemplifies India’s religious diversity. The basti of Gurdwara Manikaran Sahib which is only 79.3 km away from Manali is home to Gurdwara Manikaran Sahib, the holy shrine of Sri Guru Nanak Dev. According to folklore, the disciples of Guru Nanak Dev were hungry and had no food on their way across the Himalayas. Guru ji’s friend Bhai Mardana was sent to get food for langar. Many people donated food but there was no way to make it as there was no fire. Then Guru Nanak Dev raised a rock and a hot spring erupted from the place where the food was later cooked. The hot spring remains today and Sikhs use the holy water to prepare their food. Consequently Manikaran is your gateway to a spiritual experience full of peace and wisdom.

Van Vihar

If you are looking for some quiet moments in the ambiance of Manali city then a walk around Van Vihar Park is recommended. Van Vihar, a public park with rich flora and sky-high deodar trees, is one of the most popular attractions of Manali. You can also get a boat ride and cruise around the man-made lake. Bird lovers will have a great time spotting local species in the park especially in the morning

Kothi Manali

Kothi is a beautiful village in the mountains famous for its scenic location and spectacular views of snow-capped peaks and glaciers. It is situated at an altitude of 2500 meters on the historical Spiti highway. The topography is shaped by the Beas, which runs through this region of the country, and is located near the foothills of the Rohtang Pass. The city is also a great place to camp, especially if you want to explore the Rohtang Pass on foot. A temple dedicated to Goddess Shuvang Chandika can also be found in the village.

Humpta Pass Trek

The Humpta Pass trek which is one of the easy-to-moderate Himalayan climbs, offers spectacular views of the Kullu Valley and the Lahaul Valley. And is one of the most visited hiking destinations in India. The Chandratal Lake situated along the Yatra is the main feature of this trek. The pass is located in the Pir Panjal range at an altitude of about 4000 meters above sea level, and includes spectacular rivers along the way. There are many travel companies that take you here for good prices

Arjun Cave Arjun Cave

in Prini village is the place where the Pandava Arjuna meditated to get the Pashupati weapon from Lord Indra. The Gauri Shankar Temple, Urusvati Himalayan Folk Art Museum, Arjuna Cave Nicholas, Roerich Art Gallery and Museum Neighboring temples have become major tourist destinations due to the mythological importance of the cave. If you want to see the events of Mahabharata times, then you can come here and see the remains of those events.

Beas River

Beas River is one of the areas that will accompany you most of the time in your journey to Manali. The Vashisht hamlet is known for some of the best views of the river valley, while a visit to Kothi will take you closer to its pure blue waters. The Beas is a hotspot for water activities like kayaking and rafting, with the township of Pridy boasting some of the most thrilling rapids.

Great Himalayan National Park

The Great Himalayan National Park which is considered as one of the best places to visit in Manali is ideal for nature lovers. With over 1000 flora, 209 bird species and 31 mammal species, the park is home to some endangered species. Wildlife photographers offer a different experience to watch the shy and aggressive critters amidst the wildflowers, the park’s top predator is the fierce snow leopard. Visitors can go for trekking and camping in the permitted areas of the park.

Solang Valley of Manali

This valley is about 14 km from Manali and it is the most famous tourist place of Manali. The Solang Valley of Manali falls on the way to Rohtang. There are many means of entertainment available in the valley, in which the major paragliding, ropeway, horse riding etc. are very much liked by the tourists.

A festival called Winter Festival is organized here in the winter season. In which not only the country’s but foreign tourists also participate and enjoy this festival. The Solang Valley of Manali is also known as Snow Point because it receives a lot of snowfall during the winter season. That’s why people coming to Himachal Pradesh prefer to go to Manali.

Hidimba Devi Temple

Talking about the famous temple of Manali, tourists do not forget to visit the temple of Hidimba Devi. This temple is the temple of Hidimba, the mother of Ghatochakchha and wife of Bhima. It is one of the most famous temple of Manali. To go to this temple, you have to go to the Mall Road of Manali.

The distance of the temple from here is just 2 kilometers. No idol of any kind is kept in the Hidimba Devi temple, but the footprints of the goddess are worshiped here. The 3-day Hidimba festival is also celebrated in Manali. Most of the tourist crowd also comes at this time.

Hidimba Devi Temple opening hours are from 8 am to 6 pm. There is no fee for visiting the temple.

Manu Temple

This temple is one of the main places of interest in Manali. If we talk about this temple, then it is located at a distance of 1 kilometer from the Mall Road. This temple belongs to King Manu. You must have known about King Manu. If you do not know, then let us tell you that King Manu was the first person to step on the earth.

The impression of his feet lying on the earth is located in this temple. The temple is built in a very splendid way. You can come to this place and enjoy the serene atmosphere and the beautiful valleys and plains of Manali.

instead of Kullu in

Manali and not going to Kullu Valley can never happen. Kullu Valley is situated at a distance of 40 kms from Manali. The snow-capped plains here attract tourists.

Where every year lakhs of tourists come. People also play sports related to water at Kullu place.

The famous Mall Road of Manali

as you would know from the name itself. If you are still not able to understand, then let me tell you for your information that it is one of the most famous tourist places in Manali. Here you get to eat hotels, shops, restaurants etc. You can also understand this as the heart of Manali. You can also do shopping for your family and relatives from this place.

Manali’s Mall Road is one of the most famous places not only in Shimla but in the whole of Himachal Pradesh. In the evening, crowds of people are seen on the streets here. In the evening, enjoying the best light of the roads and light snow, tourists take a walk with their friends and relatives and enjoy the beautiful valleys. Mall Road shop Prata opens at 9 in the morning and closes at 9 in the evening.

The Buddhist Temple of Manali is

a famous temple for the followers of Buddhism. This temple is just 500 meters away from the Mall Road of Manali. If you want to know any other information related to religion or its culture then you can definitely come to this temple. You do not have to pay any entry fee to go here.

Jogni Falls of Manali

If we talk about this waterfall, then it is at a distance of 5 km from the Mall Road and this dharna is located at the upper end of the village of Vashistha. It is just 2 km away from Vashisht Kund. If you go to Manali, definitely see this dharna, otherwise you will be deprived of seeing the most beautiful place in Manali.

Such a beautiful waterfall falling from the mountains stops your eyes. Its cold water makes your follicles swell. Many tourists come to see this waterfall. Most of the foreign tourists visit this place.

Manali’s Van Vihar

This place is located near the Mall Road of Manali. This place is also one of the favorite places for tourists. People come here with their families and children. There are many types of swings to play here and a small pond has also been made in it. Apart from this, you can also enjoy voting in this pond.

Inside Van Vihar, you get to see many cute rabbits, with which you can take photos. Vanvihar remains open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The entry ticket of Van Vihar is only ₹ 30 for children and ₹ 50 for adults. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy voting etc. at this place, then you will have to pay ₹ 30 separately.

the Himalayan National Park of Manali is done

after the major national parks of India, then the name of Great Himalayan Park comes first. This place Himachal Pradesh Kullu is a park surrounded by the Himalaya Mountains. Which place was formally given the status of a national park in 1999? But in the year 2014, this place has been given the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

More than 400 animal bird species live in the Himalayan National Park, out of which about 190 birds and 150 insects and other types of amphibian animals are found in this park. The park opens daily at 10:00 am and closes at 5:30 pm. You have to pay an entry fee to visit this park.

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